Northwest BC Food Action Network (FAN)

FAN incorporated as a non-profit society in November 2018 and has 4 directors on the Board from communities across Northwest BC. Many of our Directors were active in the Working Group phase from May to October, including Denise Gagnon, Limwel Ramada and Laurie Gallant. New to our team is Sarah Dantzer from Prince Rupert, who met us at the Hazelton Hootenanny on Laurie's farm in August 2018.  For full profiles of our Directors, click here.


Our vision is that everyone living in Northwest BC is connected, informed and engaged in our food system so that access to good, healthy food is guaranteed for everyone.




  1. To provide multiple methods for people to connect with each other about our food system including a Food Assets Map, online platforms, an annual gathering, and ongoing educational and fun events in communities across Northwest BC.

  2. To address household food insecurity by offering hands-on workshops and access to kitchens and equipment. 

  3. To prioritize networking with other food security groups and organizations in BC and beyond.

  4. To provide support and input into multi-sectoral initiatives that focus on food policy and market development.


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