• Laurie Gallant

Food Hub for the Northwest!

FAN has been advocating for a small-scale food processing centre for our region for at least two years and this wish was reinforced at our recent conference. The time has come for action. There is a Request for Proposals by the Min. of Agriculture on the BC Bid Website with supplier attachments including the Short Form Proposal template. SRFP 10555 Food Hub Feasibility Studies & Business Planshttps://www.bcbid.gov.bc.ca/open.dll/showDisplayDocument?sessionID=1258923003&disID=41667810&docType=Tender&dis_version_nos=0&doc_search_by=Tend&docTypeQual=TN

Timing is tight. The proposal is due Tuesday July 2 and a brainstorm meeting to discuss a collaborative submission for this $50K grant has been organized for June 19. I am proposing we study the feasibility of a centre for Terrace and Smithers, as well as a mobile centre focused on juicing for the Hazeltons. My conversation with Debbie Evans, Agricultural Coordinator for RDBN indicates they will submit their own submission and will not be collaborating with this larger regional effort so this may mean dropping Smithers from our scope. I only hope this doesn't mean that RDBN will restrict use of that facility to users who live within their boundaries. FAN has a firm position on the need for collective action and economies of scale to support the survival of small scale farmers. We'll keep you updated through our blogs and in the meantime thank you to staff with the Regional District of Kitimat-Stikine, the City of Terrace and Community Futures 16/37 for your early buy-in of this project!

Imagine buying local canned and dried tomatoes all year long?

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